About Gwen Teo

Gwen Teo is a freelance journalist, writer and presenter. She lives in The Netherlands.

Gwen was the adjunct chief editor for political-economic magazine ZUID, she has worked as a newsreader at regional public broadcaster L1 and has led (panel) debates on topics such as immigrants and scouting, safety and the impact of the gaming culture. More recently she worked on a series of interviews on the technological developments AI and blockchain and some of the challenges that come with these developments. Request info via contact page.

In the past one of Teo’s articles, for which she researched the use of rubber granulate on artificial grass sports fields, led to political discussion and Parliamentary questions in The Netherlands.

You can find a sample of her work on this website.
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International women’s platform The Tribe, founded by author, designer and RedCarpetGreenDress VP Samata, featured Gwen amongst other women from all over the world.
Read the interview here: THE TRIBE interview

The Tribe Book

Past work
She conducted interviews for a Dutch health institution with its employees and family members of its clients / patients. These interviews about intensive care in the past and present are bundled together in a book. Via Inside/Out Media Teo worked on a TV project about safety at Sabic. She also conducted several interviews with CEOs, managers and designers of various companies in Limburg (e.g. DSM, Mosa and Océ) as an assignment for the knowledge centre for the development of Sustainable Design in the Euregio REcentre. These interviews were presented in a digital book project along with similar interviews by Belgian journalists.

Daily newspaper Dagblad de Limburger-Limburgs Dagblad, Ioridomedia, Inside/Out Media, L1TV, viaStory, Zuid Media Groep, WijLimburg.nl, SCHUNCK*, T36 Media, Omroep (broadcast) Flevoland, Media Profile, RTV Maastricht (as newsreader), Hogeschool Zuyd (voice-over), the municipality of Maastricht (panel moderator) and Mediascapers are some of the organisations that Gwen Teo has worked with.

Gwen also has experience working as a voice-over for diverse projects, including lending her voice for instruction videos, participating in a Euregional project about the history of the wool industry (Kamera Team, Germany) and a documentary about the artist Loe Jonas.

Previous experience
Before Teo became a freelance journalist and presenter she worked as an employee at – amongst others – Nederlandse Weekbladen Groep (central editorial staff, city editorial staff) and the local broadcaster RTV Maastricht (news). Furthermore, she made several reportages about diverse subjects and for several years she was the presenter for Kijk kiM, a TV show about art and culture which was nominated for the Lokale Omroep Awards (Local Broadcasting Awards) in 2011 for the category ‘Best TV show.’

 Photo credits: Diana Scheilen